Venice Cooking Classes

Arianna and Monica will teach you how to cook like Venetian women do.

You cook in Arianna’s home kitchen in Mira, near Venice where you’ll learn easy, everyday recipes you can create when you get back home.

You can choose from several different programs ranging from 3 hours to 3 days.

Arianna & Monica only use seasonal products and are proud to teach traditional Venetian cooking, a mix of recipes with influences from all over Italy and the Middle East.

Join Arianna and Monica’s cooking classes in Venice and learn to cook just like an Italian Mama!


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Ingredients: As important as furniture and utensils for Italian cooking
The article below was graciously contributed by Cristiano, freelance copywriter for Record Cucine.

Venetian cuisine is one of the regional variants of the multi-faceted Italian cuisine, famous all over the world in versions which are actually mash-ups of many different local traditions. The result of a long and complicated history of divisions, influences and rulers that took Italian culture to the point it is today: a splendid combination of the most diverse pasts.

Starting from Roman times, whence we derive traditional grains like wheat, rye, oats to make many kinds of bread, focaccia, and naturally pasta like the ‘bigoli in salsa’, sort of thick spaghetti with onion and anchovy sauce, to the importations of Venice that kept in close contact with the rest of Europe and with the Eastern and American civilizations. Here we have many spices that found their way into lots of recipes; the polenta, made from corn flour and usually combined with ‘osei’, that is, birds and game, or with mushrooms and beans; and the world famous ‘bacalà alla vicentina’, dried cod cooked with anchovies, onion, parsley and milk, whose main ingredient naturally comes from Norway.

Apart from contaminations, nowadays Italian cuisine richness and fame is also due to the modern quality produce grown in Italy and to the utensils and kitchens that in the course of time evolved and adapted themselves to get the most out of each ingredient.

How to properly cook a polenta without a proper, traditional copper pot? Or prepare an exquisite Italian meal including first and second courses without a spacious kitchen allowing to work on many fronts at once? If you would really like to cook like the Italians do, perhaps it would be a good idea to consider buying an Italian kitchen and kitchen utensils. Famous for their design and quality manufacturing, they are famed also for their price, which in certain cases is high-end. There are some Italian kitchen brands that can preserve quality while still offering reasonable prices by reducing marketing expenses and optimizing distribution solutions.

Venetian kitchens are perhaps as famous in Italy and abroad as Venetian cuisine is. Our Italian kitchens offer a guarantee for quality in manufacturing, with custom-made details such as drawers and cabinets. Italian kitchens give you many places to store your special Italian utensils. Check out these great Italian kitchens – one of Italy’s hidden gems.