Italian Pantry Essentials


These Italian pantry essentials and staples are key items in my Italian kitchen (see chart below). If I’ve got these ingredients on hand, I can make just about any authentic Italian recipe in my family’s recipe box. And you’ll be able to make most recipes you find on this site!

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The Italian table is a celebration – it’s pure enjoyment and nourishment that comes from making and eating a delicious meal. In Italy, and in Italian cuisine, “fresh is best” – use what’s in season. High-quality ingredients are also essential to Italian cooking. By doing this, you’ll find you can create the most flavorful dishes.

Most major grocery stores carry many imported items from Italy. If you can’t find it in your local store, spend some time at an Italian specialty store in your area. If you live in Minnesota, these are the markets I like best.


Canned goods for your Italian pantry image Trader Joes (MN locations)
St. Louis Park
Maple Grove
St. Paul

St. Paul, Minnesota

Eagan, Minnesota

Or do a search online – there are a number of Web sites that ship. So you can do your ordering online and have it delivered right to your door!

The chart below is a good start, but certainly not complete. You’ll likely find some favorites that you’ll begin adding to your pantry as you cook.