All-Natural Products

Organic or all-natural products equal quality ingredients and are essential to Italian cooking. If you start with the best, it doesn’t take much to create a tasty dish.

I use pure vanilla beans for baking and flavoring all kinds of recipes. I also use them to make my own extract and kahlua.

When I was in Tuscany at a cooking school, we used Madagascar vanilla beans in some of our dessert recipes. When I came home, I was determined to find an affordable place to buy them.

I found Stephen Block and quickly became acquainted with him. His heritage is German and I have enjoyed getting to know him. I believe that God places people in your path of life for a reason and at just the right time. Meeting Stephen was a blessing! I was delighted to find out that we have similar cooking backgrounds. Stephen is so kind, generous and full of great ideas. A rare find, indeed!

His organic products are unique and affordable. He’s a chef in California, operates a site called the Kitchen Project, and is as passionate about cooking his German recipes as I am about my Italian ones! It was a natural friendship. 🙂

I’ve enjoyed his products for some time now and have always had the thought that I’d like to be able to offer quality ingredients on my site. So I’m excited to partner with him to bring you these wonderful, pure products under my own label.

My extract and vanilla sugars are below. If you are looking for my other products, please go to my Shop page or my Etsy Shop.


2 oz. Pure Vanilla Extract – 5x distilled vodka, Madagascar vanilla beans
Price: $5.00 plus $3.50 shipping and handling
(shipped by Paula)
Buy 2 oz. Pure Vanilla Extract

The product above is made in my smoke-free, pet-free home kitchen. They are not mass-produced, but lovingly crafted in small quantities to ensure that you receive a quality product.



Clicking on the product links below will take you to my products on Stephen’s site. He will promptly fill your order and ship it directly to you.


Madagascar Vanilla Beans – fresh, pure vanilla beans packaged in quantities of 6, 12, or 25.
Price: Market (from $10-$35 plus shipping and handling)
Buy Vanilla Beans


Vanilla Sugar – made with organic, raw sugar and pure vanilla beans. Great in coffee, frostings, desserts and more!
Price: $7.95 Buy Vanilla Sugar


Chocolate Vanilla Sugar – it’s chocolate! Need I say more?! Made the same way as the Vanilla Sugar, but with the addition of unsweetened cocoa powder. REALLY delicious in coffee.
Price: $7.95 Buy Chocolate Vanilla Sugar