redcheckertableWhether you’re entertaining or simply fixing food for your family, you’ll find easy, delicious recipes with an Italian influence. I’ve simplified some recipes to be prepared in under an hour so they are perfect for family meals, as well as entertaining.

If you are a fellow Italian-American, then you know that I can’t make anything that isn’t tweaked or improved based upon cooking with my own Italian family — where the kitchen is truly the heart of our home.

My recipes are mainly Italian with a sprinkling of other recipes I’ve come to love over the years. Most of the recipes include ingredients that are easy to find and can be prepared in less than an hour. With these recipes you can take pride in knowing that you are serving your family and friends delicious, nutritious homemade Italian food.

This is definitely not a gourmet recipe site. It’s just real food I cook at home for my family and friends…nothing fancy or hard about it. The recipes are from my family recipe box — inspired by cooking with my extended Italian family and adapted by me from traditional Italian recipes.

My 2 favorite ingredients? Passion and love! This has inspired my family to cook for theirs, keeping our Italian-American recipes alive for generations to come. I hope it inspires you too!