Italian-American Recipes for the Modern Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. “La cucina è il cuore della casa.”

What’s for Dinner?

Check out my fast weeknight meal menu for a simple main dish, a vegetable side dish, and a dessert for a complete weeknight meal.

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Meals generate many cherished childhood memories for me. Many of the Italian food recipes I share here are authentic, family traditions handed down through their kitchens.
Although I didn’t grow up with extended family living under one roof, my Grandmother, Ida (Passarelli) Bonelli and my Aunt Jo (Josephine Tessaro Passarelli) spoke often about family members living and cooking in the same house. With many family members under one roof and no modern cooking conveniences like we have today, they basically lived in their kitchens cooking traditional Italian recipes.
I genuinely enjoy cooking. I love to cook because I get a chance to share my family’s cooking traditions. These are their Italian recipes. The best part is that when I share them, I share the generations of love with which they were made. It’s like passing on a little piece of myself to my family and friends.
So go ahead, dig through my Italian-American recipes and see what you can find to cook for your family tonight! You can take pride knowing you are creating food from scratch — from my family to yours — with love.

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